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we have just returned from cruising the Nile, basking in the

Egyptian sun. we pause to reflect on the beauty of mother earth

and say yes to all the beautiful women who have come before us.

our hair: braided, afros, mohawks, straight; whatever we feel.

our songs: hip hop, jazz, rap, funk, soul, love ballads; old school,

prairie funk, western rap.

our style: from the Nile to old school, modern funk, classical,

sensual to nude. 

we are here - come on this journey with us. 

andsoitis! ©2018

the artist speaks...

Africa Asia North America South America

we are on this journey  


celebrating the avant-garde, the savant, genius,

street artists, the outsiders - the voice within. 

transforming what we see in a 3-d universe to

a 4-d expression. we are tightrope walking on 

a line between past, present and future's future.



come on this journey with us! ©2018

the finch man is confident, stylish, ageless, a true trendsetter,

a gentleman but with a twist.
he has many monikers;
the physicist

the poet

the thinker

the dandy

the dreamer

the One

the Lover

the biker, skater, surfer

at first glance he seems ordinary but that is his handle.

he is complex, has many moods,

loves life art and beauty.

however, he can be a showman, a bon vivant

 and even an exhibitionist but he does so with a kind heart.

when he’s in your presence you feel something different.

he is himself and that is his strength. ©2018

the experiment...

past my prime? what’s my crime?


let’s flip the script, you’re 100 but it’s the new 50.

you don’t tell lies, you make love all the time.

if anything has been altered they know you’re a copy to be sent back to the LAB.

they have a different standard of beauty and search the planet looking for you. oh yes, they want your secret. you’re aging but you’re not old, their youth machines can never match your ancient wisdom.


poems & stories 

other titles


original copy
a tool belt (private client)

hologram haus - diary of a transparent life

fragile and forbidden
last time
dark and light
electrical beats
som’s window
a thousand things have happened to us

30 year anniversary (private client)

ando’s heart
the edge of bleu
nile (salon ~ tica)

olde school sex (explicit)


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